In the spring of 2006, me and my family immigrated to Canada. It was when I was finishing my third year Bachelor of Science in Nursing from a college in the Philippines. It had been my childhood dream to be in the healthcare profession. While growing up, I loved watching medical reality shows and was always fascinated by the human body.

In order to get back on track of fulfilling my dream, I decided to enroll in Long Term Care Aide Course at Cambridge College in Burnaby. Through hard work and determination, I finished the course with honors in April 2007 and eventually landed a job as a Community Health Worker with Bayshore Home Health a month after graduation. After four years of assisting and giving care to elderly and disabled clients, I yearned for more and wanted to advance in my chosen field. I went on to continue my education taking the Practical Nursing program at Sprott Shaw College in New Westminster. As part of our program, we were sent to a few hospitals where we had hands-on training, working hand in hand with other nurses and members of healthcare team. Once again, following a lot of challenges, sacrifices and perseverance, I completed the program in August 2012 with flying colors – a general average of 89% and a GPA of 4.19. I was licensed as a Practical Nurse after passing the licensure exam in September of the same year.

Through my entire student life I have always been an achiever. I make my parents proud by bringing home special awards and certificates. I take education very seriously. Growing up, I was always guided by the idea that education is a wealth that cannot be stolen and an inheritance that cannot be lost. At school or work, I always aim high, working hard with a sincere heart to reach my goals. I motivate myself to be better everyday, towards achieving success in my professional career and being able to see the fruit of my labor at the end of the day.

I currently do training of new staff members for my home care clients and I am told I do it well. I love working with others and I continue learning from people who surround me. I would like to carry on with my passion in nursing, eventually becoming a Registered Nurse while teaching. Sharing my knowledge and assisting those who have chosen the same field as I have reaching their goals gives me a feeling of self-fulfillment. Ultimately, having an Instructor’s Diploma will make that happen.


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